7 01 2009


Im almost 2 Ohio and siddiqi.  I will get on the big birdie with mommy tommorrow and get to see all my toys and candy.  siddiqi said its snowing just for me and i can build a snowman.

Im goin 2 be happy!

I cant wait.

Mommy said “BDB”.

That’s funny.

Siddiqi gave me this blog to put pictures and stories and movies and say things so my friends back home can see what we are doing.

I told all my friends at school goodbye and how excited I am!

ive got fishies and lil frogs and lots of stuff when I get to Ohio.

I love u.

I know DahDee said I love u back. Its a game we play on the phone.

Then we say I miss u.  I miss u.

salaamu alaikum.


Im a Big Girl, right Daddy?!

dahdee, will your friends @ alphainventions visit my blog like they do yours?




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15 02 2009


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